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Sleeping At Last - "Turning Page"

Updated: Jan 9

Turning Page Official Music Video by Sleeping At Last

Director: Derek Hough & Phillip Chbeeb

Release: 2023 (Music Video), 2011 (Song)

Country: United States

Genre: Performance

It’s not a common occurrence that you’ll get a new music video for a song that was released more than 10 years ago, but that’s precisely what happened with Turning Page, a song by Sleeping At Last. This is a music video review for a song that is perhaps best remembered for its association with the Twilight film series.

Instead of a conventional music video, directors Derek Hough & Phillip Chbeeb reinvented the song by making the music video a dance performance, centered around a rotating sand platform. The music video begins with a pair of lovers (played by the co-director Derek Hough and his fiancee Hayley Erbert) embracing each other. It then transforms into something more magical as additional dancers are introduced. The choreography becomes progressively intricate, employing slow-motion, step printing, and reverse shot playback to create enchanting moments throughout the video. “We wanted to create a piece about life, a fleeting journey, an impermanent dance between birth and death”, director Derek Hough said in his Instagram post.

The result is an incredibly captivating music video that breathes new life into a 12-year-old song.

MV Verdict: IMPRESSIVE! The music video is mesmerizing and harmonizes perfectly with the song.

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