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IU - Love wins all (MV Review)

Updated: Mar 8

IU and V (of BTS) in a still from "Love wins all" music video

Director: Um Tae-hwa

Release: 2024

Country: South Korea

Genre: Narrative

On January 24th, IU unveiled the MV for the lead single [Love wins all] from her sixth EP, [The Winning]. Directed by the acclaimed Um Tae-hwa, recipient of the Best Director Award at the 44th Blue Dragon Awards in 2023 for the dystopian thriller, Concrete Utopia, the MV boasts an undeniable cinematic quality.

Adding an unexpected twist to the mix is the cameo of BTS sensation V (Kim Tae-hyung), who demonstrated unwavering passion by wrapping up filming a week before embarking on his mandatory military service. This dynamic collaboration has already garnered over 50 million views on YouTube.

Stepping into a post-apocalyptic realm, IU and V portray a couple attempting to evade a relentless, mysterious cube chasing them. Seeking refuge, they momentarily escape the harsh reality through a camcorder, immersing themselves in romantic moments and envisioning a blissful life together. However, the fantasy is short-lived, as the harsh truth catches up, leaving the lovers unable to escape their tragic fate. The MV, laden with a sci-fi thriller atmosphere, ignited fervent discussions among fans upon its release.

Delving into the symbolism, director Um Tae-hwa shared insights into key elements:

The Mysterious Cube & The Camcorder

In the MV, IU uses sign language to communicate with V, whose gray-white eye symbolizes a shared disability. The cube represents societal "discrimination" and "oppression" of marginalized individuals. The director explained, "IU can't hear, and V can't see with one eye. Those cubes seem to be wiping out a lot of marginalized people, and the camcorder reveals the protagonists of a world free of discrimination."

The Falling of the Dress

Despite their struggles, IU and V couldn't escape their fate, but the final scene, where they ascend into the sky from the camcorder's monitor, signifies liberation from discrimination and oppression. The falling dresses pose a poignant question raised by the director: "Can forms considered meaningful in reality truly reveal their essence?"

Drawing a connection to BTS' "Spring Day" MV, the piles of clothes in both videos carry symbolic weight. In "Spring Day," the clothing mountain symbolizes lives lost in the Sewol Ferry Incident. In "Love Wins All," the clothes represent people disappearing beneath the cube, encapsulating the theme of "discrimination."

The MV is also unconventional in a sense that the song was recorded after the MV has been shot. The reason was because of IU’s flu, which delayed the recording of the song repeatedly. 

[Love Wins All] serves as IU's heartfelt dedication to her loved ones, particularly her fans, portraying love as the ultimate weapon against injustice and prejudice in the world.

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