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ChihSiou 持修 - 沒有我的那個宇宙 [That Universe Without Me]

A still from ChihSiou 持修 [ 沒有我的那個宇宙 ] official music video

Director: 何帛儒 BORU

Release: 2023

Country: Taiwan

Genre: Narrative

After an eighteen months break, Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards Best Newcomer winner Chih Siou returns to the music spotlight with his new track, 沒有我的那個宇宙 [That Universe Without Me], accompanied by a profoundly moving music video.

After his win at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards, Chih Siou found himself grappling with exhaustion, loss, and self-doubt. The music video reflects the emotional journey that Chih Siou  went through during this turbulent period. As he pondered the purpose of his existence, he arrived at the realization that life often lacks definitive answers, urging us all to embrace the ongoing exploration and experience.

At the heart of the narrative is a lovable protagonist, a small pink bear doll named Dou Dou [Little Bean]. The little pink bear doll is called Dou Dou [Little Bean], named after a bear doll that Chih Siou used to own. Chih Siou personally crafted and designed Dou Dou, and the entire music video unfolds from the adorable bear's perspective.

In the music video, Dou Dou isc a little bear longing to be noticed. Dou Dou may be worn and torn or even lost and forgotten. Yet, within its stitched heart, a yearning for connection persists. Chih Siou's aspiration for the song is to offer a touch of companionship and solace to anyone navigating moments of self-doubt or feeling adrift.

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