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10 Great Music Videos Featuring Famous Movie Stars

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Recently, K-Pop fans and Asian cinema lovers in general were treated with a surprise when Tony Leung appeared in NewJeans latest music video alongside HoYeon Jung (Squid Game). It’s far from a rare occurrence, as some of the biggest movie stars had appeared in various music videos (MV) over the years. Here’s our favorite 10, in no particular order.

1. A Good Thing - Claud (featuring Paul Rudd)

Paul Rudd as the mailman delivering a parcel to Claud in Claud's  A Good Thing Music Video

Our first pick is also the most recent music video on this list. Claud and Paul Rudd actually met each other in Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour. When Claud sent their latest album, Supermodels, to Paul Rudd, they extended an invitation to feature in their latest MV, a request which Paul gladly accepted. The end result is the MV for A Good Thing, in which Paul appears as a mailman. While Paul's appearance is mainly limited to the opening of the video, the rest of the video is definitely worth a watch, featuring an interesting hook.

2. We Exist - Arcade Fire (starring Andrew Garfield)

Andrew Garfield looking at the reflection of himself in the mirror in the music video for rock band Arcade Fire's We Exist

Nominated for Grammy Award for Best Music Video, the music video for We Exist tells the story of a transgender woman as she navigates her sexuality and seeks for her place in the world. Initially, the casting of Garfield as a transgender woman drew criticism from certain members of the LGBTQ community. Nevertheless, it's undeniable that his commanding performance stands as the main factor of the music video's success. Bonus trivia: The climax for the music video was filmed during Arcade Fire’s performance in Coachella.

3. Voodoo in My Blood - Massive Attack & Young Fathers (starring Rosamund Pike)

Rosamund Pike being attacked and possessed by an alien orb in the music video of Voodoo in My Blood by  English trip hop Massive Attack and Scottish group Young Fathers

Voodoo in My Blood stars Rosamund Pike in a role that demands a significant amount of physicality. She portrays a woman who loses control of her body upon being possessed by a strange orb. The situation becomes increasingly bizarre when the orb begins to experiment with its newfound subject. The music video is eerie, hypnotic, and creepy, all at the same time. The director, Ringan Ledwidge (who unfortunately passed away in 2021 due to cancer) was inspired by the cult horror film, Possession. Ledwidge ingeniously reimagined this concept by incorporating elements of our collective fear towards technology and its pervasive influence on our lives.

4. Song for Someone - U2 (starring Woody Harrelson)

Woody Harrelson and daughter  Zoe Giordano Harrelson in U2's music video for Song for Someone

Woody Harrelson stars as an inmate being released from the prison and reuniting with his daughter (played by his real life daughter, Zoe). It’s a simple premise, executed perfectly. The approach is grounded, relying mostly on Woody Harrelson’s facial expressions to convey his inner turmoil. It’s an acting showcase for Harrelson. Interestingly, the short film/music video also draws parallels to Harrelson's real life, as his own father was an infamous hitman who died in a prison.

5. 頑固 [Tough] - 五月天 Mayday (Tony Leung Ka-Fai)

梁家辉 Tony Leung Ka-fai in 五月天 (Mayday) music video for  顽固 (Tough)

This music video features some of Taiwan biggest movie stars (Wu Kang-Ren, Vivian Song) and is spearheaded by veteran Hong Kong Actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai, four times winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor. Motivational and touching at the same time, the music video inspires the viewers to never give up on their dreams, no matter how old they have become. The roles were not particularly demanding for any of the actors, but their roles definitely resonate well with most of the folks from Taiwan working class.

6. Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons (featuring Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Will Forte)

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and Will Forte parodying English folk band Mumford & Sons in their music video for Hopeless Wanderer

Who says music videos are solely a playground for dramatic actors? This hilarious music video is the brainchild of director Sam Jones, who managed to impressively assemble all four comedic actors on board for free, with the exception of the minimum SAG (Screen Actors Guild) fee. This was made possible because Jones personally knows Jason Sudeikis; they had collaborated on a photoshoot previously. Sudeikis agreed and played a key role in bringing the three other actors on board. The result is one of the most funniest music video parodies of all time.

7. Lego House - Ed Sheeran (starring Rupert Grint)

Ruper Grint standing in front of a bus as Ed Sheeran, in the music video for Lego House

Rupert Grint effortlessly taps into his inner pop star persona in this music video, taking on the role of none other than 'Ed Sheeran' himself. And the whole thing begins due to Ed Sheeran’s reluctance to appear in his own music video during the beginning of his career. While Ed Sheeran had always been teased for his similarity with Rupert Grint, the opportunity to cast Grint as his doppelgänger materialized through a serendipitous chain of events, beginning with Tom Felton (Grint’s co-star in the Harry Potter franchise) following Ed Sheeran on Twitter. He got in touch with Tom, bonded and asked for Tom’s help to get Rupert on board. It's worth noting that Ed Sheeran ultimately made a cameo appearance in the music video, driven by a very good reason.

8. Free - Florence + The Machine (featuring Bill Nighy)

Bill Nighy alongside a tired looking Florence Welch in the music video of Florence + the Machine's Free, shot in Ukraine

The music video was shot in Kyiv, Ukraine, during November 2021, just a few months before the Russian invasion and is subsequently dedicated to the Ukrainians in their fight for their freedom. The magnificent Bill Nighy plays an embodiment of Florence’s anxiety in the music video, picking her up and throwing her down in a rollercoaster of emotions. The song (and video) is rather personal for Florence, as dancing is her way of breaking free from her anxiety. This moment is showcased wonderfully in the video, with Florence dancing against different beautiful landmarks in Kyiv. WATCH THE MV HERE

9. The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte - Sparks (featuring Cate Blanchett)

Cate Blanchett and Sparks dancing and jamming in the music video for The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte

Sparks and Cate Blanchett met during a film festival when Cate Blanchett approached the musical duo backstage to introduce herself as a fan. Before long, Sparks invited her to star in one of their music videos, an offer she happily accepted. The music video feels deceptively impromptu, with a single static camera shot capturing their. Interestingly, while Cate Blanchett showcased some of her grooves in perfect sync with the song, Sparks admitted that they had no control or idea what she would do once the camera started rolling. In their own words, they’re just happy to be co-starring with Cate Blanchett.

10. Beautiful Trauma - P!NK (Channing Tatum)

P!nk and Channing Tattum dancing as husband and wife, in P!nk's music video of Beautiful Trauma

This music video pays a delightful tribute to the legendary Hollywood duo, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, renowned for their dance and acting collaborations across ten movies during the 1930s and 40s. Pink and Channing Tatum take on the roles of Ginger and Fred Hart, a couple who dances their way through their daily routines (and traumas) in a Barbie inspired house. There’s a twist halfway through the video that manages to not only give more depth to the characters, but also heightens the overall fun factor.

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